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Finches are mainly seed-eating birds, primarily found in the Northern Hemisphere and in Africa. True or Classic Finches are small to moderately large and have strong, stubby beaks. Some species of Finches can be quite large. All Finches have twelve tail feathers and nine primaries. They have a “bouncing” flight, alternating between bouts of flapping wings and gliding on closed wings. Some Finches are known for their beautiful colors while others are known for their ability to sing pretty songs. There are many birds in other species that look similar and are often mistaken for Finches.

As pets, Finches are good for people who do not have a lot of time to spend on their pets. Unlike Parrots, who need attention and affection, Finches prefer to be left alone. In fact, if they are handled a lot, they can become quite stressed. Finches are best for “birdwatchers” rather than someone looking for an affectionate pet companion. Finches have a life span of approximately 4 to 7 years. Finches do not like to live alone, so they should be kept with at least one other Finch in a large bird cage or aviary. You should also be aware that Finches can be territorial, so when a new bird is brought into the cage, be sure to watch how they interact. If they appear to be picking on the new arrival, you can try putting them in a larger cage, or try adding more Finches. It appears that when there are above six Finches in one cage- the bullying tends to stop. There are a large variety of Finches. Choosing one for a pet takes some research to determine which species you will prefer.


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