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Lovebird is the common name for the genus Agapornis, which is of the Parrot family. Lovebirds are very social and affectionate creatures. For this reason, many people feel very strongly that Lovebirds in captivity should be kept in pairs. However, if you are willing to spend enough time and devoted attention on your Lovebird, just one alone can be a wonderful companion. Lovebirds are approximately 13-17 centimeters in size and 40-60 grams in weight. They have a small, stocky build and a short, blunt tail, but their beaks are rather large for their overall size. Lovebirds are among the smallest Parrots in the world and their lifespan is about 10 - 15 years. Some species, such as Fischerís, Black Cheeked and Yellow Collared Lovebirds, have a white ring around their eyes.

Itís hard not to love a Lovebird. They have bright, loving personalities and, like most other Parrots, can bond strongly with their human companions. Also, like other pet Parrots, Lovebirds need lots of care and attention. Lovebirds are playful by nature and will sit on your shoulder and can even be trained to give kisses. However, if you donít keep up all this lavish attention, Lovebirds can be just as temperamental as other Parrots. Be sure you provide them with enough space and lots of toys to help keep them occupied. Recommended foods for pet Lovebirds include a pellet based diet along with fruits, vegetables and grains. Peachface Lovebirds are becoming the most popular variety for pets and come in an array of beautiful colors like Cinnamon and Dutch-Blue. Peaceface Lovebirds are very active and intelligent. African Lovebirds, which originate from Madagascar and Africa, are smaller but also have very beautiful colors. Nine different species of African Lovebirds are known to exist in the world today. For anyone prepared to give them the love and attention they crave, Lovebirds make excellent pets.


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