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Pet Bird Supplies include bird food and feeding accessories, such as cups, water bottles and treat holders. Other pet bird supplies consist of bird toys, perches and ladders and bird seed guards, pet bird playpens and playstands, bird grooming supplies and bird baths.

Fresh, high-quality bird food is one of the most important of your pet bird supplies. The type of food or bird seed you purchase depends on the kind of pet bird you own. It's important to learn all you can about your bird companion to ensure it's getting all of the nutrients needed in its diet. There are also some fresh foods you should not feed your bird, so please do your research or consult your avian veterinarian about your pet bird's diet. Bird feeding supplies include cups, feeders, water bottles and treat holders. Bird dishes should clip securely to your bird's cage and it's recommended that you use different cups for water, juice, pellets, and perishable food. Bird cups and dishes can be used for seeds, but you might want to purchase a special bird seed feeder for your bird's favorite seed or pellet mix. Bird feeders also help eliminate the mess from birds digging in their food dish. Bird seed guards are another good way to help keep things clean outside your bird's cage. Birds love playing with their food, so bird seed can become a big mess otherwise.

Bird toys include ropes, swings, ladders and chew toys. Look for chew toys made of natural woods and materials that birds naturally love to chew on, such as Manzanita. Parrots, Cockatoos and Cockatiels all love to climb, so bird ladders will add significantly to your pet bird's health. This is especially important if your bird cage doesn't have horizontal bars. Perches are another important cage accessory for your pet bird. Natural wood perches give your bird a place to rest and exercise, something to chew on and provide exercise for your bird's feet, as well. Special conditioning perches also help keep your bird's claws trimmed. Bird playpens and playstands sit outside your bird's cage and provide a cage-free environment for your bird to play. You can attach their favorite toys and treats to the playstand and will add hours of enjoyment for your pet bird.

Birds love to bathe some in a dish, others prefer a shower and still others like to be spritzed with a spray bottle. You should change water in a bird bath often and experiement to see which type of bath your bird prefers. Bird shower perches are available, as well as bird baths. Bird brushes. bird bath conditioners and other bird grooming supplies are available to help keep your pet bird clean and healthy.


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